Framis Italia Month: latest news

May 31, 2022

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The drop that makes the sea big

Fabiana Magro, our Planning Specialist, recently starred in an effort to raise awareness of sustainability practices among colleagues.

Fabiana asked Francesca Salotto, CEO of Framis Italia, to try to increase the awareness of her colleagues on the correct waste disposal, since every day she noticed that the plastic containers in which the lunch is delivered were mainly disposed of in the undifferentiated waste, thus preventing the recycling process. As a result of this work of sensibilization the Company has made an important investment by purchasing reusable containers to replace the disposable ones.

"To date, I'd say it's gone very well!" Fabiana said. "This is proven by the lower quantity of plastic that circulates in the company, which translates into a low production of plastic waste. The plastic waste container is empty or almost empty every day, a great goal of eco-responsibility achieved by our Company, made possible thanks to the owners, who have always been very interested in this topic."

"We should all strive to be the drop that makes the sea big, I truly believe in this" Fabiana said, to explain the reason that prompted her to act.

Re-discover Framilon®

Framilon® was born 40 years ago to promote the use of polyurethane elastic tapes in the clothing industry. Since then, it has been used for holding up your panties, making your bra straps invisible, keeping your seams stretch and much more and is still a leading product un the top-of-the-range polurethane tapes market.

A new Code of Ethics

Framis Italia has just implemented an updated version of its Code of Ethics. In addition to the general principles of respect for work and human rights, the Code includes principles of environmental protection and inclusion, with a particular emphasis on training, education and innovation.

The updated Code of Ethics means a fresh start for the whole company, which strive to continue to empower and inspire its employees. The renewed mission and vision are achieved through their teamwork and personal engagement.

That’s why Francesca Salotto, CEO of Framis Italia, personally introduced the new Code of Ethics to all of employees, to keep on creating a safe space for inclusion and unity. Through this the Company will be capable of growing, innovating and adapting to any given changes.

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