Only the good chemicals, Framis Italia and the ZDHC

January 17, 2022

To achieve its main sustainability goals, Framis Italia follows an organized and articulated path that includes adopting the Chemical Management Protocol 4sustainability® to implement the MRSL ZDHC with a structured method that can be measured step by step, transparently.

The concrete objective, shared by all levels of Framis Italia, is to continue to work with the highest quality while protecting man and the environment, integrating into the production cycles activities and controls aimed at gradually and definitively eliminating the presence of these substances.

In order to achieve these goals, Framis is following an organized and articulated path that foresees the adoption of the Chemical Management 4sustainability® Protocol, so as to implement the MRSL ZDHC ( with a structured method and periodically measure the level of application in a transparent manner.

The current project includes:

- the definition of an internal Chemical Management procedure to guarantee, among other things, roles and responsibilities, purchases in compliance with standards and the monitoring of processes;

- the appointment of an internal – ZDHC accredited- Chemical Manager with a system management team;

- training and continuous updating of internal staff;

- the mapping and qualification of our supply chain, with the identification of chemical risk categories;

- the creation of the Chemical Inventory and the qualification of chemical products according to the levels indicated in the ZDHC Gateway by applying the ZDHC Conformance Guidance;

- the implementation of the MRSL ZDHC (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) for internal and outsourced chemical risk processes;

- the application of the PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) for the qualification of raw material suppliers;

- the involvement of our suppliers on common objectives, through training activities, remote assessment and on-site audits;

- the collection of Chemical Management KPIs from all suppliers, with particular reference to high chemical risk processes;

- the use of the 4s Platform (advanced IT platform) for data management for the constant evaluation of system performance;

- the collection of information from our management systems to ensure traceability;

- the creation of a statistical sampling and control plan through testing based on risk assessment;

- constant reporting for the identification of the elimination and improvement plan;

- the annual verification with the definition of the 4sustainability® Implementation Level and the release of a synthetic report with Chemical Management KPIs to be shared with customers and other stakeholders.

We are convinced that credible paths of sustainable development are built through partnership and constant innovation. Therefore, we always ask our stakeholders to share our approach, publish our reference documents, discuss any proposals, and verify the viable requirements. Only in this way can we undertake a transparent, shared and concrete path of improvement.

Together, we can grow in a shared vision that builds a better world, one result at a time.

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