Starting from the concept of circular economy, the CIRCULAR TEXTILES project encompasses the entire textile supply chain, involving the partners in a proactive way to encourage the establishment of a system of industrial symbiosis between the districts.

CIRCULAR TEXTILES has been promoted by 5 excellence realities which are currently deploying significant investments on R&D across the territory in order to act as a demonstration case within the "circular economy" field, through the study of a total approach to the recycle of textile materials through representative pilot examples for the Textile-Fashion field. .

The project will be realized with a partnership composed by companies strongly oriented towards a continuous research on innovative solutions, able to add value to strategic knowledge for a proper implementation of circular processes, keeping in mind the sustainability of the whole studied approaches.

Starting from the circular economy concept the project embraces the textile supply chain with an active involvement of the partners within all the aspects of industrials symbiosis as well as the variegated faces of social and environmental sustainability.

Project Objectives:

Project partners: