Framis Italia, an increasingly sustainable partner: its decorative solution has the lowest release of microplastics

The decorative film Dream 5500 by Framis Italia has proved to be the best decorative solution on the market also from an environmental point of view: the result of the washing tests shows a release of microplastics that is 7 times lower than the heat-transfer decoration technique and 18 times lower than direct printing on fabric.

Framis Italia, our commitment

The defense of the oceans, the safeguarding of biodiversity, the protection of the biosphere are among the company’s priorities. For this reason, thanks to the continuous collaboration with CentroCot - a highly qualified body for laboratory tests, research, technical support, experimentation and training, in support of the companies in the textile and clothing sector - Framis Italia has launched a research process that had the purpose of analyzing the behavior of its products from the point of view of the release of microplastics during washing, and has obtained this extraordinary result.

Our result

The study was performed using methods in compliance with the operating procedures dictated in the technical standards currently under discussion at the international and European working tables, for the gravimetric determination of the fiber and polymer fragments released from the samples, after simulated treatment of wash.

To obtain a complete picture of the impacts produced in terms of microplastics by the currently most used decorative techniques available on the market, 4 different samples were tested and the results obtained were compared: the sample of art. Dream 5500 generated a release of 0.0001 g of micro particles, against the 0.0006 g released by the only recycled polyester fabric (not decorated), the 0.0007 g released by the decoration made with the Heat-transfer printing technique and the 0.0018 g released by the decoration made with the direct printing technique on fabric.

Framis Italia, towards a sustainable future

Fully embracing its Mission - “To lead breakthrough innovation in fashion- To grow towards a happier future for the industry and the planet" - Framis Italia continues the journey undertaken towards increasingly sustainable products and processes.

Working day after day on materials designed to to be long lasting to help fashion circularity, respecting a strict chemical protocol, without pollution emissions and a very low percentage of microplastics released from the finished product, Framis Italia is the best partner to build a brand’s sustainable value.