UNI.CO: partnership with D-house Laboratorio Urbano

November 29, 2022

Can fashion be completely recyclable? The new collaboration between D-house Laboratorio Urbano and Framis Italia give rise to a garment that can be 100% recycled

The "UNI.CO" project was born from the collaboration between Framis Italia and D-House Laboratorio Urbano joining an innovative synergy aimed at transmitting and providing a new experimentation in a sustainable key.

UNI.CO, first co-polyester film and tape by Framis Italia

D-house urban laboratory - research and development hub with a pioneering approach in the introduction of new technologies and implementation of innovative solutions - and Framis Italia - leading company in the production of the most sustainable and innovative solutions and customizable thermo-adhesive applications – synergistically combine their skills for the development and application of UNI.CO, a mono-material tape in polyester, a collaboration aimed at creating a totally recyclable garment in the sportswear fashion sector.

The UNI.CO project was born from the need and the sensitivity of D-house and Framis Italia in responding to some current environmental issues on the theme of recycling: simplifying, improving and optimizing the disposal process of polyester garments.

It is known how the use of different materials from different polymeric matrices generates a tremendous complexity during the recycling phase. Currently, especially in the field of sportswear, polyurethane is the most widely used material among thermo-adhesive applications and it has a severe impact on the recycling phase of a polyester garment.

"UNI.CO" capsule collection

The project wants to overcome this barrier and UNI.CO represents the turning point for obtaining fully recyclable Polyester and CoPL garments.

As a result, a capsule collection of 5 clothes 100% polyester was created with the innovative tape produced by Framis Italia and the fabrics supplied by Lamintess Srl. The garments were designed by the emerging designer Alessandro Rupilli, manufactured by Dyloan Bond Factory - the manufacturing hub of the Pattern Group - where the entire process was followed and managed by D-house urban laoratory.

This revolutionary experiment will be presented to insiders and industry professionals during "ISPO Munich 2022" from 28 to 30 November, the most relevant fair in the world for the sports sector. Within Framis Italia Booth, an entire area will be dedicated to the presentation of the "UNI.CO" project and to the exhibition of the capsule collection that give shape to it, revealing the products’ innovative potential.

Framis Italia and D-House, a synergic collaboration

The partnership between D-house and Framis Italia is a concrete example of a synergic collaboration in the textile sector which proves the commitment in responsible innovation and in cutting-edge technologies application for the fashion sector. An important step towards an increasingly conscious and sustainable approach in an industry that realizes one of the greatest environmental impacts.

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