UNI.CO: partnership with Politecnico di Milano

February 24, 2023

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UNI.CO, Framis Italia and Politecnico di Milano together for a circular fashion.

Framis Italia continues collaborating with the Politecnico di Milano, assigning a workshop with the concept “UNI.CO”, a new way of looking at fashion, renewed and animated by intelligent and sensitive design powered by a circular economy.

The workshop

The workshop, which involved 15 students from the Fashion Design Department at the Politecnico di Milano, dealt with the topic “MONO-MATERIAL DESIGN”. The students’ research enabled them to establish a link between the design of contemporary garments and the sustainable evolution of UNI.CO, the first co-polyester thermo-adhesive tape and film developed by Framis Italia. Students followed design-for-recycling principles by designing garments that are 100% polyester, so easily recyclable, comfortable, and seamless, thanks to innovative tailoring techniques such as fabric lamination and heat-sealed and taped seams.
Stylistic research has focused on technical outerwear, suitable for a modern, urban look, enhanced by the sustainable features, exclusive performances and functional and decorative versatility of UNI.CO.

UNI.CO, the first co-polyester tape and film

One of the critical principles of design-for-recycling is to reduce the number of different materials in a product. With this in mind, Framis Italia set out to develop a thermo-adhesive tape and film that would enable the design of mono-material garments.
After three years of work and research, the company launched UNI.CO, the first co-polyester film and tape, enabling the design and manufacture of 100% polyester garments and thus facilitating their recycling in the post-consumer phase.

The finalist projects

The four finalist students presented their project in a lookbook rich in images and completed by a shooting that actively involved the project’s designers themselves. A video then shows the path of each by bringing out peculiarities that led to the selection of the four finalist designers: Marco Bortolotto, Lorenzo Costanzini and Martino Fois.

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