Epsilon Project: an interview with Edoardo Cavrini

October 10, 2022

Deeply committed to its constant pursuit of innovation, Framis Italia is always prompt to help young designers shape the future of fashion.

Recently, we had a chat with Edoardo Cavrini, a talented young designer with whom we collaborated to develop a project that offers a new perspective on the dichotomy between aesthetics and functionality.

Ciao Edoardo, tell us something about you!

Class of '99, I grew up in Bologna where I spent 19 years of my life before moving to Florence to take on my biggest gamble: pursuing a path of artistic studies. With a scientific background, I decided to enroll at Polimoda, Firenze, in the Fashion Design Management course. To this day, I can only call myself satisfied with the decision I made.

Between sports, sneakers, and collecting, I've always given importance to aesthetics (I remember that I started following soccer attracted by the players' boots), an element that I try to include in every single aspect of my daily life.

Experimenting over time, however, I realized that aesthetics was nothing if not paired by a good share of functionality. What do I do with beauty if I actually cannot use it? From this question, I began what was the path that, in my last year of University, led me to the creation of "Epsilon Project," my first collection.

Besides being your first collection, Epsilon Project is the vision you brought to the runway during "Carpe Noctem," the opening fashion show of the 102nd edition of Pitti Uomo. What are the main features of this project?

With the "Epsilon Project" I aimed to bring together my products with the utilitarian aspect that usually distinguishes mountain garments. I tried to meet all those people who, lost in the urban chaos - marked by getting on and off public transports, rain, and temperature changes between offices and the outdoors - could find relief in technical jackets, capable of adapting to their needs, while curbing the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To achieve all this, it was undoubtedly crucial to go through the entire development process by paying special attention to the R&D stage, the prototyping stage, and especially the choice of materials.

Research and Development are concepts that are becoming increasingly popular in the collective imagination of fashion-just think of the "spray" dress presented during the recent Coperni fashion show, which immediately went viral. What role did the research and development of materials, finishes, and textures play within the project?

The materials research was one of the crucial steps in the whole project. I had to go to support a range of products designed to be functional, with fabrics that would maintain the high standards of the jackets I made. Cordura, ultralight and waterproof nylon, micro ripstop cotton and waxed poplin are some of the ingredients I decided to "season" with the orange heat-welding tape produced by Framis Italia.

Which features of heat-welding tapes prompted you to use them within your project?

First and foremost, their technical features. To windproof a jacket and waterproof its seams are both the key features for which I chose heat-welding tapes. Of equal importance was the wide color range provided by Framis Italia, which was ideal for supporting my ideal of functional beauty.

How did you get to know Framis Italy and the Bonding Technology?

As a fan of technical clothing, I've always seen Bonding Technology as one of the key techniques to the crafting of a functional product. I find the patterns that thermoadhesive tapes create on the inside of a jacket fascinating. So I decided to bring the inside to the outside, and play with this technology. On my professors' advice, I learned about Framis Italia, a company that gave me the opportunity, thanks to its wide product portfolio, to merge aesthetics and functionality. A dualism that accompanied me throughout the process of designing the "Epsilon Project."

Thank you for sharing the story of this amazing project with us. Plans for the future?

At the moment I'm very focused on the development of "Epsilon Project"-some products will be available for sale soon. Working on the of the garments' commercialization is a whole other challenge that I'm extremely enjoying. In the meantime I think I will continue to try, by designing, to make more and more functional and comfortable clothing for all urban outdoor enthusiasts.

Good luck, Edoardo!

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