Rio, the first water-based and solvent-free tape and film

April 6, 2022

Framis Italia launches RIO, its first water-based and solvent free tape and film

Framis Italia has taken another critical step towards sustainability, launching its first water-based and solvent-free product: RIO. Reflecting the brand vision, RIO has met the most stringent quality criteria, like any other Framis Italia product, such as long-lasting, high performance and versatility, while substantially lowering the environmental impact of both product and process.

At Framis Italia, we believe disruptive innovation and respect for the planet can change the future of fashion. We strive to lead the challenge of sustainable growth with our partners, clients and pioneers within the industry. Our commitment is to produce the most sustainable and customizable thermoadhesive solutions and applications. Thanks to our strong Made in Italy DNA within a global company setting, we envision the way to a happier future through talents and technologies that allow us to supply embellishments, films, tapes and machines to like-minded international top brands and their manufacturers.

Framis Italia, our vision

Rio is born

RIO is born out of a three-year-long research program involving Framis Italia with academic, scientific and institutional partners like Regione Lombardia (within the Greenmatch programs) and Covestro for the raw materials.
To make RIO, the polyurethane resin in DMF (Dimethylformamide) has been replaced by dispersion of polyurethane in water, allowing the removal of a solvent abatement system within the process, hence the creation of a solvent-free product also thanks to the integration with extrusion processes, that do not use solvents by their nature.

RIO never gets in touch with any hazardous chemicals, from raw materials to production to applying the product on the garment. Every Supply Chain partner has committed to Framis Italia Sustainability plan, which withholds strict chemical compliance protocols (4Chem) and traceability (4Trace). Besides compliance and traceability, Framis Italia is currently assessing RIO’s sustainability value through an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and Carbon Footprint study.

Water (R)evolution

To showcase the design value of this new, sustainable and high-quality product, Framis Italia has launched “Water (R)evolution”, a contest within the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano University. The workshop, which involved 45 fashion students, made it possible to establish a link between the design of contemporary garments and the sustainable evolution of RIO. The four finalist students presented their projects in a look-book full of images and completed by a shooting that actively involved the authors of the projects themselves.

Framis Italia, your trusty sustainable partner

By definition, Framis Italia’s heat-bonding technologies and materials are in the direction of a more sustainable product and process. Every product is studied to be long lasting to help fashion circularity, respecting a strict chemical protocol, with no pollution emitted and a percentage of released microplastics that are even lower than that of recycled polyester. With such a sustainable frame, Framis Italia is the best partner to build a brand’s sustainable value.

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