Water (R)evolution: partnership with Politecnico di Milano

April 7, 2022

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Water (R)evolution, Framis Italia and Politecnico di Milano together for a sustainable fashion.

Framis Italia inaugurates its collaboration with Politecnico di Milano University, with the assignment of a workshop focused on the concept of “WATER (R)EVOLUTION”, a new vision of water based on the enhancement of this natural element and its use in always different forms.

The workshop

The workshop, which involved 45 students from the Fashion Design Department at the Politecnico di Milano, has dealt with the topic “WATER (R)EVOLUTION”. The students’ research enabled them to establish a link between the design of contemporary garments and the sustainable evolution of RIO, the first thermoadhesive water-based and solvent-free tape and film developed by Framis Italia. The students have drawn inspiration from the many shapes, states, colors and patterns of water, focusing on practical, durable, comfortable garments without seams or external trims thanks to innovative tailoring techniques such as fabric lamination, heat-welded taping and bonding. Stylistic research has focused on technical outerwear, but suitable for a modern, urban look, enhanced by the sustainable features, exclusive performances and functional and decorative versatility of RIO.

Rio, the first water-based and solvent-free tape and film

RIO is born out of a three-year-long research program involving Framis Italia with academic, scientific and institutional partners like Regione Lombardia. To make RIO, the polyurethane resin in DMF (Dimethylformamide) has been replaced by dispersion of polyurethane in water, allowing the removal of a solvent abatement system within the process, hence the creation of a solvent-free product also thanks to the integration with extrusion processes, that do not use solvents by their nature.

The finalist projects

four finalist students presented their project in a look book rich in images and completed by a shooting that actively involved the projects designers themeselves. A video then shows the path of each by bringing out peculiarities that led to the selection of the four finalist projects: “What can we do now?” By Beatrice Barzaghi, “Under the Surface” by Giulia Carli, “Mimesi” by Martina Marzagalli and “New Horizon” by Aurora Scarpellini.

Watch the "Water (R)evolution" project video:

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