Framis Italia and the 4sustainability® protocol

February 21, 2022

Framis Italia has obtained the "Advanced" level of the 4sustainability® CHEM protocol for eliminating toxic and harmful chemicals in production processes.

Applied sustainability

A good chemical management system – constructed according to an approach to the process as well as the product – is probably the best example of applied sustainability. The process of elimination of chemical substances that are toxic and harmful to human health and the environment in fact takes place through the control of the entire production cycle, from the receipt of raw materials in the company to the various stages of production, to the management of waste and the introduction of the product onto the market.

The protocol

The CHEM 4sustainability® protocol developed by Process Factory for the elimination of toxic and harmful substances is based, in line with ZDHC methodology, on the synthesis between what brands ask companies in the supply chain and the analysis of relative verification methods. A bringing together of demand and ability to respond oriented towards the gradual achieving of shared goals through a single management system, which is to be applied though a dedicated project, regular training and refresher courses and constant monitoring over time.

Following the various assessment audits to validate the level of implementation reached, Framis Italia obtained the certificate of "Advanced Chem Implementation Level" with a rating of 79 out of 100.

The Certificate:

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