Framis Italia choose Repower: innovation and energy efficency

January 10, 2022

We are pleased to share the interview given by our Plant Manager to Repower, a leading company in energy consulting for companies, efficiency and solutions for electric mobility.

How was Framis Italia born and what did you choose to focus on?

Framis Italia was born 40 years ago from a winning idea of its founder, Mr. Luciano Salotto: to promote a new polyurethane elastic tape, Framilon®, in the world of clothing. Since then, the company has developed and improved the NoSo® heat-sealing system, meeting the growing demand for creativity and quality expressed by leading stylists and designers all over the world.

Since 2008 Framis Italia has had an office in Hong Kong and since 2016 also in the United States.

How important is innovation in your work and what implications does it have?

Our job is to propose innovative, high quality and fully integrated solutions for polyurethane thermo-adhesive applications in fashion, sportswear and footwear: we supply films, tapes and machines to top international brands and their production partners. The tape is then used on the edges of garments to reinforce the fabric and prevent breakage or loss of elasticity and to flatten seams - in underwear, sportswear and more - without weighing them down, improving the fit of garments and ensuring maximum freedom of movement. As it is available in transparent, black or piece-dyed fabric, it can also be used as a decoration, a base for embroidery and inserts.

The chemical-textile division develops and produces a wide range of textile accessories through coating plants. Recent investments in machinery and equipment have allowed us to achieve a production capacity increasingly targeted to meet the fragmented demand of the market. The mechanical division designs and develops the machines, heat-sealers, necessary for the application of textile accessories made by the chemical-textile division. This structural choice has allowed us to offer effective application technology solutions.

During the Covid-19 emergency in March 2020, you invested in a "new" production. What is it about? What impact did it have on your business?

At the beginning of the pandemic, between February and March 2020, we decided to invest in a project that involved the production of a thermoadhesive tape for overalls and gowns. Obviously, the project had to be completed in the shortest time possible, so our R&D team, working incessantly for over a month, created a certified tape - which is applied to overalls and gowns with our heat-sealing machines - for clothing protection against chemical agents (category III, 4B) and barrier against infectious agents (UNI EN 14126:2004).

This production has allowed us to create a partnership with a company engaged in the supply of suits and gowns for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

In the last four months of the year, these orders helped fill the sales gap created by the pandemic, particularly in our target sector, fashion.

How important are sustainability and efficient use of resources in your industry?

Our main customers are important brands in the fashion industry. For some years now, the topic of sustainability has been very much in the forefront in this sector. The demand is for the entire supply chain to be compliant in this sense.

Working for sustainability has become our company policy and in our new projects everything is studied in respect of the environment.

You use the Verde Dentro supply, you have obtained the ASE certificate of excellence and the VAMPA certification. How do you want to enhance and share these efficient and sustainable choices?

It is important for us to create a deep-rooted culture of sustainability and efficiency in all our employees, so that these best practices become, over time, the usual way of working.

Energy is one of the pillars of this topic, and we are aware of how important it is in terms of image to share the results obtained thanks to our efforts and commitment. That's why we're working with our marketing department and with Repower's expert advice on how best to convey this message to our customers and suppliers.

ASE Certificate of Excellence and VAMPA certification:

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